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Animal Cookies - Indica Dominant Hybrid 

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

From a mixture of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies and the deathly Fire OG comes this indica dominant hybrid called Animal Cookies. I had heard a lot about Animal Cookies online but had not come across it anywhere myself. Recently it came up on my usual delivery service, Green Ways Delivery’s website. They told me it was definitely one to try and so I listened. Animal Cookies has been said to help with depression, stress, insomnia, appetite, and pain, which are a lot of the things I suffer from. I was hopeful that this strain would get me to sleep better, as that is not something I am always great at. The weed had a sweet smell to it, but not too powerful of a smell. It was a bit fluffy and not quite trimmed well, but I wasn’t turned off just yet. Like they say, never judge a book by its cover. Well, I say, never judge a strain by its look.

The smell of Animal Cookies was extremely pure and overall enchanting. I could have just sat there and smelled this weed all day. It smelled like a deep earthy flower with just a touch of sweetness on top of it. The weed broke up easily but it came out to be less than I was expecting from the original amount I put in the grinder. However, what I did end up with was fluffy and easy to pack into my bowl. While I did not end up with a lot of this strain, what I had was more than enough because you don’t need much to feel the effects of this strain. The weed was also sticky, but as I’ve said before, that’s a good thing so I don’t really mind it.

The taste of this strain was just okay for me, it was sweet and smooth when I smoked it, but it was not my favorite taste. I found it to be earthy but sweet, leaving you with an exceptional after taste in your mouth, but the actual taste of the smoke itself wouldn’t place in my all-time favorites list. I’d say the smell was sensational and the taste just did not live up to that aroma. I honestly thought the taste and smell would be even, but I truly believe the smell was better than the taste, which is sometimes disappointing. Just to be clear, I’m not saying the taste was bad in any way, but it didn’t live up to my expectations from the aroma the weed gave off.

I did feel that the weed was a bit harsh when I smoked it. It made me cough a bit which I normally do not do. Other downsides to this strain include dry eyes, dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, and anxiety. In my case, I only really felt the dry eyes aspect, but I do wear contacts so sometimes I’m just having a bad eye day. Other than that, I did not feel any bad side effects from this strain. The upsides from Animal Cookies are said to be feeling relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted, and sleepy. I definitely was relaxed and happy throughout the evening, while I hung out and watched stupidly funny TV shows.

I knew the weed had hit me because I was giggling at the most random things and definitely was feeling euphoric and zen. I actually wrote the word zen down in my notebook several times and even unlined it once. Clearly I was feeling, well, zen. I also felt empty-minded, not having a lot of thoughts in my head. Thankfully I was not sad or depressed, instead, I just felt blah. For an indica, that is a great side effect because you know your mind is clear enough to get some sleep. Right after smoking Animal Cookies, I felt hazy, but not fully high. Then out of nowhere, I was suddenly very relaxed and in a deep state of emptiness. I felt zoned out and I was happy about that. I wouldn’t say I was quite couch-locked, but I definitely was happy I had nowhere to go other than my bed.

The only time I didn’t mind getting off the couch was for snacks, duh. That aspect of the weed didn’t hit me at first, I was too zoned-out to care or even think about food or anything really. After a little bit though, I knew I needed to take a trip to the pantry for some goodies. I don’t mind snacking a bit when I’m high, but I do not like the strains that make you so hungry you eat more than you realize. Animal Cookies thankfully was not that kind of weed. I had a few snacks, nothing crazy, then went back to being zoned out on the couch.

I woke up feeling so relaxed and had slept so well throughout the night, that I knew this weed had worked how it should. While the taste was not up to par with the smell, it still was a nice flavor that smoked smoothly, other than a few minor coughs. The feeling this weed gave me was honestly excellent, I truly felt zoned out and empty-minded throughout the night. I haven’t slept as well as I did last night in a long time so I will definitely be using this again as a nighttime relaxer. Frankly, Animal Cookies is best for insomnia, depression, and appetite, as well as keeping yourself uplifted and euphoric while smoking this strain. I would definitely recommend this to others that suffer from these issues. All in all, smoking Animal Cookies was a great experience and left me with a lovely high feeling as I drifted off to sleep. If you catch Animal Cookies at your local dispensary, I say give it a go! It was definitely not what I was expecting, however, it was excellent in its own way. The high I felt from this strain was unlike any other I’ve experienced in a while. Even though it wasn’t my favorite taste, I still recommend this strain for its other abilities.


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