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Casey Jones - Sativa 

Similar to the railroad worker this is named after who got killed saving many passengers during a freight train accident, Casey Jones is not here to play around. This sativa dominant hybrid is incredibly strong due to its high THC levels. I do not recommend this strain for beginners, as its effects are extremely stimulating and mostly cerebral. This weed strain will hit you very hard and when it does you’ll be full of energy, focus, and creativity. While looking dense in texture, this strain ground up nicely and was easily packed into my bowl. It immediately went from sticky goodness to a beautifully grounded up pile of weed.

Lately, I’ve been feeling sort of tired by 2 or 3 pm even when I have a second coffee, but the day I smoked Casey Jones, I did not feel tired at all. The day actually flew by and I got a lot of work done without feeling overwhelmed or tired at any point. I became instantly focused on my tasks and wanted to complete them in a timely manner. While I felt energetic and focused, I also felt more creative than I’ve felt in quite some time. I worked efficiently throughout the day and got things I’ve been meaning to do, including my laundry which I don’t love doing.

Casey Jones is a sativa hybrid that comes from some well-known strains including the mind-bending Trainwreck, the purely sativa Thai, and the one and only East Coast Sour Diesel. The result of this mixture is this incredibly powerful and hard-hitting strain. The weed smoked nicely out of my bong but was a bit harsh on the lungs. I don’t normally cough and with this, I did just a bit. The aroma of the bud was earthy with a nice hint of citrus, which filled the room when I opened the jar. Personally, I enjoy weed that packs a flavorful punch, and unfortunately, this did not quite hit the mark for me, however, it also didn’t taste bad. I suppose it depends on how strong and what flavor profile you particularly enjoy. The flower itself is well manicured and clearly was grown nicely. The nugs break up nicely and easily, making grinding up this strain super easy for whatever item you plan on smoking out of. You can tell by the texture and the colors of the weed that this strain will be forceful and uplifting.

If you suffer from depression or being overly stressed, this strain is one to check out. It truly took all my worries away and allowed me to get work done without drifting off. I was calm and happy while still focused on the tasks at hand. Another thing this strain helps with medically is pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms, so if you suffer from any of these symptoms then I definitely recommend that you check out Casey Jones. Although I do enjoy this weed, I have found myself to be drinking a lot of water and I mean a lot. To be totally honest, I normally drink a ton of water anyway and this has been excessive. It’s also said that this strain causes dry eyes and anxiety, but I have not felt either of those personally so I can’t say.

When I smoked this strain, I felt extremely focused on my work but at the same time, I felt super connected to myself at that moment. I wanted to pursue creative activities and express myself in whatever way I could, which was good for me because I am a writer and love writing. A lot of the time I do my best writing when smoking, and then some editing later of course, and that was the case with Casey Jones. I felt that I wanted to be expressive with my thoughts and sometimes I do find focusing on that to be difficult, so this was helpful with my writing.

I felt the full effects of this weed hit me within fifteen minutes of smoking it, which is definitely something I see as a good thing about various weeds. If it takes more than 15 minutes to fully hit you, then it’s taking too long and you’ll end up smoking so much that when it does hit you, you are too high. We’ve all been there and it’s not the best. While I do live alone and work at home, I found myself wanting to talk and calling my friends from home to catch up. The weed made me feel chatty and excited to talk to my friends but honestly, I would’ve spoken to anyone I could at that moment.

Truly, I recommend this weed to the people who have been smoking a long time and need something to give them that extra boost of energy during the day. Allow Casey Jones to help you get focused and get your shit done without those pesky distractions getting in your way. With just a few hits and you’ll be free of stress and ready to accomplish anything while also getting those creative juices flowing. As far as sativas go, this strain will definitely keep you focused and uplifted without missing a beat for as long as you need. When you need a super-strong, long-lasting strain that will have you overall happy and make you feel organized and ready to get your work done, Casey Jones is definitely the way to go. Be cautious with your amount because it can hit you hard but otherwise let this weed take you on a stress-free journey to happiness.


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