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Church OG - Green House Breeder - Indica Dominant Hybrid 

Whether you are actually religious or not, there is definitely now a reason to go to church, and no I don’t mean actual church. What I mean is the feeling that this indica hybrid strain gives you after smoking it. A mixture of infamous OG Kush and the heavy-hitting God’s Gift brought us this wonderful strain called Church OG. This strain comes from the breeder Green House, which has won many awards since the company started in 1985. I have always been a fan of OG Kush, and recently tried God’s Gift as well, which is why I thought I would enjoy this strain. Church OG was also recommended to me by an employee at Fly Delivery LA, which I have ordered from before and always enjoyed. They give good recommendations as to what type of weed you might want to try and have lots of strains to choose from. This particular hybrid is a sixty / forty indica dominant strain with THC levels of 19%, which isn’t insanely high but it is a pretty good amount.

When I opened the sealed bag it came in, I could immediately smell the skunkiness of the flavor pour out into my living room. The smell was super strong and became even stronger as I started to break up the weed. The weed itself had dark green leaves with orange hairs and lots of purple hues. It was truly beautiful to look at. While this strain was a bit sticky, it was not so bad that it was too difficult to break up. The earthy smell of the weed was combined with a skunky undertone and a little bit of a buttery aroma as well. The skunky undertone definitely made this strain unique and made it stand out from the crowd.

The bud looked like it had been grown properly and in a good environment. It was obviously cured correctly, it was trimmed nicely and was dense. It was a bit difficult to break up but as I said before, it was not too bad. Once it was ground up and packed into my bowl, I could smell the aroma of this weed much more and it started to overpower the room. Church OG smokes quite nicely, it was not harsh at all. I enjoyed the way it tasted as I smoked it and was able to smoke as much as I wanted without having a coughing attack.

The effects of Church OG are said to be keeping you feeling relaxed, happy, uplifted, sleepy, and hungry. I definitely felt relaxed at first, and then after a little bit of time the sleepiness came. It is also said to relieve stress, fatigue, depression, pain, and insomnia. I normally get migraines and with this strain, I felt at ease with no headache at all. I had a minor burst of energy at first, and then eventually I zoned out into a hazy state of mind. This strain also gives you a strong body sensation and a lasting cerebral high feeling as well, but it did take some time for me to fully feel all of the effects.

Although it says online that you may feel dizzy or paranoid from this strain, personally, I did not feel either of those. If you have a tendency of being paranoid, maybe use this strain with caution, but if you are a seasoned smoker, I do not think you will have any problems. The side effect I did feel was the hunger. I do not normally get hungry from weed, I know how is that even possible. I truly can’t answer, but with this strain, I definitely had the munchies. I went for snacks more than once, and by that I mean I went for snacks a lot of times. I don’t mind snacking but this was a hunger I just could not satisfy. If you are not a fan of the munchies, I’d steer clear of this strain.

After a little bit of time, I felt the head high come on, you know, that heavy headed and zoned out feeling that makes your eyes a bit blurry but in a good way. Definitely felt that. Overall Church OG had me feeling light and uplifted almost instantly after smoking this strain. That feeling was soon followed by a sleepiness but in a controlled way, meaning that I was tired, but I did not immediately need to get in bed. I sat and watched TV while being zoned out and enjoying my calm state of mind. While I did start to get tired, I didn’t feel that I had to run to bed immediately. I wasn’t quite couch-locked, but I was super comfortable just relaxing.

I did find that I had to smoke a bit more of this strain to fully feel the effects of it, but after a few bowls, it fully hit me. I’m not saying you feel nothing at first, but I did not really feel the full high until a bit later. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but depending on what you like this is just something to consider. I also found that this strain didn’t last me super long because of having to smoke more to feel it. If you plan on giving this one a try, definitely get a nice amount of it so you can truly feel its full effects because when you do, they are amazing.

If you’d like to go to church without leaving your house, then the strain Church OG is the answer for you. It will have you feeling happy and uplifted, just like you would after attending a religious ceremony. After smoking Church OG, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, I definitely recommend this because it totally helped me have a great night’s sleep. Overall, Church OG was a great strain for a night of hanging on the couch. Give it a try and enjoy the skunky goodness that is Church OG.


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