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Golden Ticket - Archive Seeds Bank - Hybrid

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

When I heard about the strain Golden Ticket, I immediately thought of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. I had smoked this strain once before and remembered liking it, but couldn’t remember what I liked about it. When I saw it on the menu at Hollywood Hitters Delivery in Los Angeles, I figured I should give it another go and try to remember what I had liked about it in the past. The staff at Hollywood Hitters was super friendly and the overall transaction was very easy. They responded to me super quickly and the wait time was very short as well. When I received my order, I was also given three free joints, a lighter, and a grinder because I was a first-time patient. I know that most places give a gift to first-timers, but I had never gotten such a large and good gift. If you are in the Hollywood area or are visiting Los Angeles, definitely check out Hollywood Hitters Delivery off Western Ave and Hollywood Blvd.

Golden Ticket comes from Archive Seeds Bank, a breeding program and seed company started in 2006. It is a mix of the infamous indica strain Face Off OG and the happy hybrid Golden Goat, resulting in this delicious 50/50 hybrid strain. The nugs looked beautiful and were trimmed nicely. They were bright green with darker green patches and some orange hairs, making it look overall very pretty. It had surely been grown in a good environment and it showed. The smell of lemony goodness was instantly flowing throughout my apartment. The weed was a bit sticky, making it kind of difficult to break up, but once it was in my grinder, it was much easier.

Once I smoked Golden Ticket, I quickly remembered why I had liked this strain in the past. The flavor was strong and pungent. It tasted like a citrus paradise in my mouth. It was an incredible mixture of lemon, tangy, and sweet lime with a hint of sour skunk, and I truly enjoyed it. I couldn’t get enough of the flavor or the aroma of this strain. They both were beyond anything I had smoked in quite some time.

I instantly felt this weed hit me, but I knew it would be a gradual feeling as well. At first, I was very chilled out and zen but thankfully not sleepy. I felt all around happy and in a good mood as well. After a bit, I felt the uplifted and energetic aspects kicking in, making me become productive with my work and stay happy while doing so. This strain is said to be very good for anxiety and I can definitely agree with that. I was stress-free all day and that almost never happens for me. Golden Ticket is also said to keep you relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, and talkative, and I felt all of those. I was chatting with people I haven’t talked to in ages just to have someone to talk to. I also stayed calm and at ease throughout the day while getting all my work done promptly.

This strain is also said to help with depression, muscle spasms, fatigue, and appetite loss, as well as the stress relief factor. I did go for snacks a few times but nothing too crazy. It helped get my appetite going but did not make me feel like I had to eat everything in sight which is good for me. The downsides of this strain are said to be dry mouth, dry eyes, and anxiety, but it was definitely the opposite for me in the anxiety department as I mentioned before. I did have a bit of dry mouth so keep some water close by, but otherwise, I had no issues with this strain.

I will say that if you are a new smoker, you should smoke this strain in moderation because while it may not hit you at first, it will eventually take you over. I had a full-body relaxation feeling topped with stimulating cerebral qualities. I felt a head high that motivated me to want to be creative and do work. I felt productive throughout the day and was happy for no reason which I totally enjoyed. The body high was almost instant and the head high quickly followed.

Overall I had a great experience with Golden Ticket and will definitely smoke this strain again soon. I was completely calm but still alert and had a ton of mental awareness going on. I wanted to be creative and talk to anyone I could, even if it was my sister’s dog for a while. I definitely recommend this strain to people who suffer from anxiety because it truly kept me calm and out of my head for the entire day. It also doesn’t hurt that the flavor and aroma of Golden Ticket are unbelievably compelling. If you see Golden Ticket at your local dispensary, I fully recommend giving it a try and experience its marvelous qualities for yourself.


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