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Jedi Kush - Cali Connection - Indica

If you’ve ever wanted to feel the force within you, there is now a way for you to do so. Introducing Jedi Kush, a pure indica strain with a powerful punch that will surely have you relaxed and feeling very good. Jedi Kush is one of my favorite strains from my local delivery service, Green Ways Delivery LA, and so I wanted to share my knowledge on it with you. This indica comes from the one and only Cali Connection, and is a beautiful mix of the strains Death Star and SFV OG Kush, and can have a THC level of up to 20%. At first glance, the nugs of weed looked nicely trimmed and were definitely grown in a good space. This strain has a dark olive green coat mixed with hints of deep purple, lots of crystals, bright orange hairs, and almost no stems. I noticed that the weed was easy to break and grind up, allowing you to effortlessly prepare the weed to be smoked however it is you please.

The smell was not super strong at first, but once I started to break up the weed, it got much stronger and got me more excited to smoke it. Somehow, this strain is both dense and fluffy and as soon as it was ground up, my apartment smelled of piney goodness and I loved it. While the weed was a bit sticky, it was still pretty easy to break up and grind up, which is always a plus for me. This strain packed firmly into my bowl and was ready to be smoked. Upon the first hit, I immediately noticed that the taste was unlike most strains of weed. It had more of a strong earthy and diesel taste to it than I’m used to, making it an extremely unique strain.

The taste of Jedi Kush was so special to me and in the best way possible. This strain’s taste made me want to keep smoking it even though I knew it would all hit me at some point. I was right, it did end up hitting me pretty quickly, giving me a full body and head high that I truly enjoyed. That’s another one of the upsides to Jedi Kush, it’s the type of strain that you can continue to smoke throughout the night without ever getting too high. The smoke itself was super smooth, I didn’t cough at all and it doesn’t hurt that it tasted great as well. I was already a fan of this strain and had not even fully experienced it yet.

The effects of this strain are said to keep you relaxed, euphoric, happy, tingly, and hungry, while also relieving stress, depression, pain, headaches, and insomnia. I definitely felt euphoric and happy throughout the evening and into the night. On top of that, I felt very heavy headed and tired, but in a good sleepy way. At first, it just made me feel calm, and then all of a sudden I drifted off into a sleepy and hazy headspace. I allowed the high to take me over and I instantly became calm and at ease. I felt great and knew that this was a good strain.

If you are new to smoking or you have a low tolerance for weed, I would recommend that you smoke this with caution and remember, you do not need a lot to feel it. I say this because the negative effects have been said to come on a bit strong for some people. Those include dizziness, anxiety, dry eyes, and dry mouth. In my case, I had dry mouth at first and I normally drink a lot of water, to begin with, so having a dry mouth is something I usually don’t notice, but I did with this. I also had a bit of dry eyes, but that part was not too bad, just a little blurry from time to time. No big deal. (Ha!) If I’m being totally honest, which I am, I didn’t mind it at all because I felt so peaceful. My two recommendations would be, have your water-filled and nearby, and put some eye drops in before smoking to prevent getting dry eyes. Other than those two things, just sit back, relax, and let this powerful strain take over your body and your mind.

The best way I can describe how I felt while smoking Jedi Kush is to say that I was in a dreamy, euphoric state that not only allowed my mind to calm down, but I could also feel my body relaxing as well. I stayed in this dream state of mind for the entire evening as I continued to smoke the Jedi Kush. I was not quite couch-locked, but I was definitely in another world mentally. My brain felt free and empty and I truly enjoyed it. It has been said that this strain is supposed to make you hungry, but I did not have that feeling at all. Although to be totally honest, I was too spaced out to even think about anything let alone food.

Jedi Kush is such a uniquely flavored strain, unlike any other weed I’ve smoked, and that made it completely stand out for me. I truly believe it helped me stay mentally at ease while also giving my body a tingly sensation that I really enjoyed. I felt very relaxed and not stressed out at all, and that isn’t an easy thing for me. I am normally a very anxious and stressed out person, so finding strains that help me stay calm is always a bonus for me. All in all, I’d say that this strain is definitely one I would recommend to others. From its taste and its smell to its calming effects, Jedi Kush is a favorite for me. I’ll leave you with this thought, the quote, “The force is strong with this one” definitely applies when it comes to the strain Jedi Kush.


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