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Kushberry Cheesecake - LA Kush - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

As I’ve said before, LA Kush has some quality products and I’ve always been a fan of theirs, so when I saw they had a strain called Kushberry Cheesecake, I was sold. Kushberry Cheesecake is a sativa dominant hybrid that is a cross between the strains Alien Moonshine and UK Cheese. As a sativa dominant hybrid, I recommend this for daytime use only, as it will have you feeling alert and ready to go.

As soon as I opened the jar it was in, I got a huge whiff of the amazing aroma of this strain. Kushberry Cheesecake smells like a fruity sweet cake that was bottled up just for me. The nugs were a light greenish color, with frosty white crystals and long reddish-orange hairs. While the nugs are tight, when you start to break it up the pieces are fluffy and beautiful. It’s not super sticky and breaks up pretty easily into little pieces that grind up super quickly. The smell got stronger as I broke it up and gave off a sweet scent that I truly enjoyed.

The flavor of Kushberry Cheesecake is very similar to the aroma and is exactly as it sounds, like a delish sweet dessert that takes over your mouth. The taste has a mixture of cherry, blueberries, and cheese flavors, with a note of skunkiness in the aftertaste. It wasn’t super harsh which I definitely enjoy but it did leave me feeling good after one hit. I enjoyed the flavor so much that I kept smoking just for the taste.

This strain is said to be good for chronic pain, anxiety, ADD, and ADHD, with an after-effect that can help with insomnia. After smoking a few bowls, I felt a strong cerebral high that started off euphoric and uplifting, allowing me to do work and be alert. I do suffer from ADHD and love a good sativa strain that can keep me focused and working throughout the day. This strain did exactly that and then after a while, I felt the relaxing effects that had me feeling chill as well as awake.

Kushberry Cheesecake starts out as an uplifting and energetic high that then turns into a nice, relaxing high that had me feeling very calm and happy. I am truly a fan of this strain as I am with most LA Kush strains. This sativa dominant hybrid did exactly as it should do while also tasting and smelling quite good. I would definitely recommend this to people who have ADHD, ADD or have trouble focusing and staying alert while working. This is one of my new favorite sativa strains, so if you see LA Kush’s Kushberry Cheesecake, try it out for yourself!


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