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LA Honor - LA Kush - Hybrid

As I’m sure you know by now, LA Kush is one of my favorite cannabis companies, so whenever I see a strain of theirs that I haven’t tried, I go for it. LA Honor is clearly a namesake to our city Los Angeles, and just like the city, it is a VIP hybrid strain. LA Honor can get up to 28% THC, which is what I had. The smell wasn’t super strong until I started to break it up, but once I got a whiff, I enjoyed it. The nugs were big and beautiful, just as you would expect, and were bright green with orange hairs all over it. This strain was not super sticky and broke down into easily ground up weed.

LA Honor was very lovely to look at, with its super dense nugs and bright green and orange colored hairs. This strain ground up into a good amount for what I ordered but wasn’t overly excessive, which does happen sometimes. It was hard for me to dig into the nugs because they were alluring to look at, but once I finally broke it up a bit, the smell got a bit stronger but wasn’t a fill up the room kind of aroma. It smelled like a sweet flower with pine notes on it.

The flavor of LA Honor has sharp notes of chemical and kush flavors mixed together to create this lovely strain. It also has a hint of cookie flavor, which I very much enjoyed. It wasn’t a super strong taste, but when you got it, it was wonderful. The weed was smooth when smoked and left a kush aftertaste in my mouth. While neither the aroma nor flavor was super strong, they were both pleasant and good enough to make me want more.

At first, I was feeling very calm and head high. I got a quick burst of energy but luckily kept a clear mind while smoking LA Honor. This strain lasts long so don’t overdo it before it kicks in. I’d say for less experienced users, only take a hit or two before going for more. I eventually felt the body high but continued to feel a head rush as well.

I felt very energetic and uplifted, staying active the entire day. After a while, it does calm you down and become more relaxing. Since this is a hybrid strain, you get to feel both the uplifting sativa effects while also experiencing the calming indica effects as well.

LA Honor is good for people in search of an elevating yet sedating strain that can help ease anxiety, stress, and body pain. I didn’t feel any negative effects from this strain which is always good. I did feel my body pain disappear and my stress levels went down. This hybrid strain from LA Kush is another excellent one to add to the list. While the aroma and flavor weren’t super strong for me, the overall effect was worth it. I would definitely recommend this to others!


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