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Lamb's Bread - Sativa

When you’re looking for a true sativa strain that will keep you going throughout the day, look no further. Lamb’s Bread is here to rescue you from your own laziness. Recommended to me by a friend, I decided to give this one a try from my local delivery service, Green Ways LA. They’ve got so many options of strains and amounts you can get, which as for delivery services in LA, you don’t see all the time. With so all these options, you’ll need some help deciding what to pick, and they truly are wonderful with that. *You can also read all my reviews here.* Lamb’s Bread is super strong when it hits, most likely because it gets a THC level of up to 21%. Take my word for it when I say, you do not need a lot of strain to feel the effects. It will hit you quickly and you will be filled with energy almost instantly.

When I opened the jar to smell the weed after I got it, I did not have to get that close to it to be able to get a nice whiff. The apartment continued to smell wonderful as I poured the weed onto my tray to take a closer look. The earthy and woody tones mixed pleasantly together and with the flowery hints on top of it, Lamb’s Bread has an amazing smell that I truly could not get enough of. Another upside is that the smell of the smoke itself was also very present in the room. Wherever you went in the apartment, you could smell the weed. However, after it was broken up, the smell wasn’t as prominent, but it was still there.

The nugs of this strain are bright in color with tons of crystals and orange hairs you could see from a mile away. The texture is dense but doesn’t feel too tight, meaning that you can break up the nugs pretty easily. I’d also say that when this weed is broken up, it’s pretty small and loose, making me think that this strain would probably be great for joints or any other rolling of any kind. Either way, the way this strain breaks up gives you a nice pile of stemless weed to smoke of whatever you please.

The flavor of this wonderfully strange mixture has a woody yet flowery taste to it, but I’d say it’s more on the woody side. It’s as if the flowery aspect was just a cherry on top of a sundae, making it the perfect little treat. While the flavor was lovely, the weed itself was kind of harsh in my opinion, I was coughing quite a bit and normally I do not cough so much. Just something to be aware of when smoking this strain. Even though I was coughing, I did not feel any of the bad side effects really. Those consist of dry mouth, dry eyes, headache, anxiety, and dizziness, and while I do generally have dry eyes, I don’t believe that was from the Lamb’s Bread because I wear contacts.

Immediately after smoking this strain, I felt the effects start to take over my body. I had a huge burst of energy and wanted to get right to work. My body went from a sleepy sloth to a wild tiger ready to pounce at any moment. Although it did give me an energetic feeling, it was not too crazy of a high. Throughout the day, I felt generally calm and all-around happy, an uplifted yet focused feeling if you will. A definite upside to this weed is that you do not have to smoke a lot to feel the effects. As fast as it hits you, it also hits you hard and stays around for a while, meaning you get a lot of bang for your buck.


Lamb’s Bread is said to help with stress, depression, pain, appetite, and nausea, among other things. I can definitely say I was not stressed or sad in any way, and I did actually eat a good amount during the day, but it was not overly excessive. I like that about certain strains, that while yes it does help with appetite, it isn’t so powerful that you eat everything in sight. That kind of high isn’t my favorite because then I have no food left the next day. Another thing about this weed and hunger is that it doesn’t immediately make you hungry. That happened later in the day and again, isn’t overly excessive.

The weed itself was presented very beautifully, with the nugs looking super tight and dense. The nugs themselves were also trimmed very nicely, meaning that they were grown and cured well. This is always an upside in my opinion because you know the weed comes from a good place and is probably going to be dank. With the Lamb’s Bread, you would be right. This strain was super helpful throughout the day and kept me going without feeling tired or overwhelmed. This factor is a huge bonus to me and definitely makes this a strain I will be coming back to at some point.

​Overall, Lamb’s Bread is a delightful strain of weed that has all the best Sativa properties that everyone loves. The strain looks beautiful with bright orange hairs and crystals covering the weed and giving it that extra special push to get you super high. The smell of this strain will leave your house smelling like a flowery garden and the exciting taste will leave you wanting more. This strain is one I truly enjoyed trying out, and I believe it is a helpful strain for stress, nausea, focus, and depression. So if those are some of your general concerns, try Lamb’s Bread for yourself, and hopefully, you’ll have as wonderful of experience with it as I did. When you need a Sativa to keep you energetic and uplifted, I definitely recommend Lamb’s Bread. It truly helped me stay focused and I enjoyed the high it gave me very much.


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