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Lemon OZK - Wonderbrett - Sativa Hybrid 

I recently became a big fan of the cannabis company Wonderbrett and have tried a few of their strains, but recently came across their smalls bags and decided to get the Lemon OZK strain. This sativa hybrid is a cross between OZK and Clementine and is best for daytime use. This is what we call an “all-day smoker” where you can really smoke it anytime, but I’d recommend daytime as it is a sativa strain. After doing some research about this strain, I found that it has terpene profiles that will boost the smoker’s mood and energy, while also easing tense muscles and stress. These are all great qualities for weed to have so I was very excited to dive into this one.

When I opened the packaging, I could immediately smell the citrus flavor of this strain. The nugs were beautiful to look at, properly trimmed and nice and dense. It was dark green with some light green notes and had bright orange vibrant hairs that were instantly

visible. The bud wasn’t that sticky and came off the stems like butter. Once ground up, the smell filled the room and it broke up into a nice amount of weed.

The smell of this strain is super strong and immediately becomes prominent in the room. It has a bold fragrance of lemons and sweet cream with a bit of a spicy kick to it. As I broke up the weed, the smell just got stronger and better with each piece. The room smelled amazing before I even smoked the weed, which is always a plus to me. The strong citrus smell just gets stronger and stronger as you smoke and is very satisfying to smell.

After taking one hit of Lemon OZK, I was hooked. The flavor is a very pleasant citrus taste with a spicy punch at the end. It was very unique and very delightful to taste. It has a sweet lemon zest like taste to it with a bit of a minty diesel aftertaste that wasn’t super overpowering. I will say this was a bit harsh, but to be completely honest, I have been smoking a lot more in quarantine so that also could have something to do with it. I didn’t feel any really bad side effects from this strain, which is always positive.

I truly enjoyed this sativa hybrid strain from Wonderbrett not only because of the flavor and aroma but because this strain does exactly what you think it will. Lemon OZK lifted my spirits and gave me plenty of energy to get my work done. This strain helps focus your mind and stimulate your creativity allowing you to feel the passion in your work. I felt happy and calm while still getting a lot done and continued to stay active throughout the day. I normally have a lot of back pain from sitting at my computer all day, but I felt very relaxed in my body, so I think this would be a great strain for those who suffer from tense muscles or body-related stress.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Lemon OZK by Wonderbrett to anyone who needs a boost of energy and creative focus, while relieving your body from pain. From the moment I opened the package, I knew this strain would be excellent and it did not disappoint. From the appearance and aroma to the flavor and effects, this strain truly is a new favorite of mine. If you see this strain or any Wonderbrett strains at your local dispensary, I say give it a go!


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