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Lime-E Kush - Lowell Farms - Sativa

Another hit from the infamous Lowell Farms, Lime-E Kush is an incredible sativa strain that is also known as Lime Kush or Lime OG. This hard-hitting strain can have 15-20% THC levels and has an OG lineage. Once I opened it to look at the weed, the smell already overwhelmed the room and I was ready to give this a try! The nugs were very dark olive green with thick orange hairs and a lovely coating of white crystal trichomes. They were dense yet soft, and once I started to break it up, it was fluffy and came off the stem easily. The bud was a little sticky but otherwise smooth feeling and when it was broken up, it came out to a good amount of weed.

Lime-E Kush has an aroma that gets stronger as you break it up. It has a sour lime smell to it with rich pine and spicy notes to top it off. The smell of this strain stays present in the room before you even smoke it, which is always a good sign for me. It is a strong citrusy smell that makes the air around you smell wonderful. I enjoyed this aspect of the strain and liked the smell it left behind later in the day.

As far as the flavor of Lime-E Kush goes, clearly it was super citrusy with a little spicy pine note to it. It’s sweet yet sour lime flavor put it over the top for me. It also smokes really smoothly which is definitely a plus! The smell and taste are very similar and both very good overall. I wasn’t coughing or having any issues while smoking this, and truly just enjoyed every hit I took. The exhale was just as good as the inhale and that’s not always the case with cannabis strains, so this was an extra bonus from Lowell Farms.

Lime-E Kush has a slow-building but incredibly energizing boost that will keep you alert and keep the creative juices flowing. I felt very calm and at ease while continuously doing my work and feeling good about what I was getting done. I’d say this strain helps people with fatigue, depression, ADD or ADHD, stress, and pain. I felt no bad side effects, no coughing, or dry mouth. I did, however, feel it in my eyes, not necessarily in a bad way though. After a full, energized day, this strain ends with a relaxing body high that will have you ready to chill for the night.

Lowell Farms has done it again. Lime-E Kush will definitely be added into my rotation as it is an excellent sativa strain. From the appearance to the taste and smell, this flavorful strain has all the qualities I look for in weed. Overall, I absolutely recommend trying this strain if you come across it.


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