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Maui Wowie - Sativa

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

When you’re looking for a strain that will mentally take you away to a tropical island and physically make you feel like you’re on vacation, look no further. Breed in the Hawaiian Islands, the sativa strain Maui Wowie is here to fulfill your needs. I have smoked this strain a few times but only out of a vape because my friend from New York loves it and always gets it when she visits, but I have never actually smoked this weed. I knew that the effects had always been generally good and that the flavor was sweet, but that was the most knowledge I had on this strain. I recently saw it on the menu at Hollywood Hitters, a delivery service in Los Angeles located on Hollywood Ave and Western Ave. I hadn’t ordered from here before but they got 5-star ratings so I figured why not.

The staff at Hollywood Hitters were extremely friendly and helpful with any questions I had. They responded quickly and the wait time for my order was super short. I ordered a few different strains, which they added extra too because I was a first-time patient, and I was shocked when the bag came. It was sealed super discreetly and it had three free joints, a grinder, and a lighter inside. They have a ton of different deals for their customers and I would definitely recommend you check them out in you are in the Los Angeles area.

After unpacking all my goodies, I opened the Maui Wowie to get a good whiff of the smell and I was not disappointed. It was extremely strong from the second I opened it and continued to stay present in my apartment throughout the entire day. I did not mind that at all because it smelled like I was somehow transported to a tropical island. The aroma was truly sweet and amazing, I couldn’t get enough. The bud was pale green and not hard to break up, but it also wasn’t easy due to stickiness. It also took some muscle to grind it up, but it came out beautifully a lot for the amount.

When I finally smoked the Maui Wowie, I immediately remembered the tropical, sweet pineapple flavor that I had loved in the past. It is truly an incredible taste that stays with you long after smoking it. It tastes like a sweet pineapple drink that you would have by the pool. I did, however, cough a bit, but it wasn’t super harsh at all. I honestly am a huge fan of the smell and taste of Maui Wowie. They both made me feel good inside and left me wanting more.

Maui Wowie definitely hit me right away but it wasn’t a super intense feeling at first. It was more of an uplifted and creative feeling that made me want to do work on some projects that I had been putting off for some time. I truly believe this strain has creative qualities to it and if that is something you struggle with, give this strain a try. I eventually found myself to have been working on stuff with the day flying by and feeling very accomplished throughout the day. I was energetic and working without feeling overwhelmed or tired at all. I did not have to smoke a lot to feel these effects either. They were consistent all day, giving me the focus and energy to get stuff done.

The only side effect of this strain I felt was dry mouth, but it is also said that people get dry eyes as well. I recommend having water or whatever your drink of preference is nearby just in case. This strain is also said to relieve stress, depression, fatigue, pain, and lack of appetite. I definitely was snacking after smoking Maui Wowie, so if you are not a fan of the munchies, steer clear of this strain. I did feel very relaxed throughout the day and did not feel really any of the back pain I normally have. This strain is also said to have you feeling happy, uplifted, energetic, euphoric, and creative. As I mentioned before, I was certainly feeling energetic and could feel the creativity inside my body following.

From the tropical aroma to the sweet pineapple flavor of Maui Wowie, this strain is definitely one that ranks high for me. I really couldn’t get enough of the delicious taste of this strain, as well as how powerful yet lovely the aroma was. I had an extremely productive day and felt delightful while doing all of my tasks. The effects were gradual yet consistent throughout the entire day. The feeling Maui Wowie gave me after smoking it allowed me to enjoy my experience with this strain and is definitely one I will come back to. I’d definitely recommend Maui Wowie to those who suffer from stress, fatigue, and appetite loss, as well as people who need a nice creative boost to get their day going.

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