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Mimosa- Symbiotic Genetics - Sativa

Grab some of your favorite champagne, throw a splash of orange juice in it, and cheers to this incredible strain that is named after your favorite citrusy drink, a Mimosa. From the one and only Symbiotic Genetics, this sativa dominant hybrid comes from a cross between Purple Punch and Clementine, resulting in this one of a kind strain. I had heard of this strain before but was never able to find it until I ordered from Top Shelf Only Delivery last week. They told me that it was a super popular strain and that as an experienced smoker, one I should definitely try. When you get that kind of recommendation, you know the weed is going to be good. The employees of Top Shelf Only were super nice and gave updates as to delivery time because LA traffic can be insane. Their website has a ton of options to choose from whether it be actual weed you want or vapes and edibles. They also included some extra goodies because I was a first-time patient.

As soon as I got my order, I could smell the citrus flavor of this weed, overpowering everything else in the bag, even before I opened the bag it was sealed in. This strain has an extremely strong smell that will overpower the room before it’s even ground up. The smell only got stronger and stronger as I ground up the weed but I was enjoying it so much I did not even care. The weed was a bit dense, but not too terrible. I was able to break it up easily, but it did leave a lot of resin behind. The buds are olive green with many dark orange hairs and bright white crystals all over them. The weed was definitely well taken care of and perfectly groomed into little bright nugs. They looked as beautiful as they smelled and I was excited to give this a try.

The flavor of Mimosa is extremely citrusy with a slightly sweet undertone to it. It was so unique and left an amazing aftertaste in my mouth only making me want to smoke more. It was honestly one of the best-tasting weeds I’ve ever smoked. I cannot stress how good this flavor is. The smell got even stronger after smoking it, leaving a lemon-like aroma in my place. This strain hits nicely and pretty smooth, which allows you to keep on smoking as much as you’d like. It does hit you immediately but it isn’t a head high right away, it just gives you a burst of energy to start getting your work done.

This strain is definitely best for daytime use as it gives you energy and helps get you focused on what needs to be done. It is also said to leave you happy, uplifted, and relaxed. I was very uplifted and calm throughout the day, but was still able to focus on the tasks of the day and had the energy to do them. I have ADHD and have a lot of problems with focus and this strain truly helped me with that. In my opinion, this strain is great for a wake and bake when you don’t have the energy to get up. It will slowly make you feel ready for the day without you even realizing it was the weed. After some time, it can hit you pretty heavily, so if you are not a seasoned smoker, I would say smoke this strain with caution.

The effects of this strain are said to be relieving stress, depression, fatigue, pain, and appetite loss. I definitely had snacks more than once while smoking this and since I normally have problems with my appetite this was a good thing. I did not feel stressed or overwhelmed at all during the day and definitely felt that I had enough energy to keep going the whole day. The downsides of the strain Mimosa are said to be dry eyes and dry mouth, and while I did not have dry eyes, I was definitely cotton-mouthed. So, keep water nearby and make sure you stay hydrated.

Another good thing about this strain is that it is almost like taking something for anxiety. It completely made me forget that I have anxiety throughout the entire day. I felt totally calm and at ease just with a burst of energy on top. It is also said that this strain has an amazing painkiller effect, meaning that if you suffer from general pain, this strain is one to try.

I cannot begin to tell you how hard Mimosa will hit you and how long it will keep hitting you after smoking it. It has a high THC level and is said to be one of the strongest strains around. I did not have to smoke a lot of this weed to feel it. As I said before, new smokers should use this strain with caution. Another thing I cannot stress enough is how amazing this flavor is. It truly has a unique aroma and flavor to it that makes you want to keep smoking more, but be aware that this one will hit you sooner or later.

Mimosa is a strain that I will definitely come back to at some point because it truly gave me the kick of energy that I needed to focus and get my work done. I loved the flavor and aroma of this citrusy strain and kept wanting to smoke more, even though I did not need to. Be cautious though because when Mimosa hits you, it hits you hard. Not only do I recommend this strain to all that come across it, but I also recommend Top Shelf Only LA delivery service if you are in that area. They were truly helpful and overall a good delivery service that brought me this golden gem. Mimosa is a great day time weed for those like me who need help being motivated to work throughout the day.


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