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Red Box - LA Kush - Indica 

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand more times, LA Kush has some seriously great products and I am a huge fan of them. Of all the strains of theirs, I think that this strain is one of the more popular ones around. LA Kush Red Box is an indica strain that is a mixture of Hardcore OG and King Skywalker. One of the major things that I love about LA Kush is its packaging. The box it comes in has a seal and says “no seal, no deal”, allowing the customers to know that it has not been tampered with in any way. I truly think that is something that puts them above some of the other well-known brands in California.

The bud itself came in small pieces that were an ombre green color with dark visible orange hairs and frosty trichomes. It was fluffy to the touch and broke up into easily grindable pieces. It wasn’t super sticky but had a nice feel to it. The nugs were really beautiful looking and had a nice piney scent to them as it was broken up. The smell wasn’t super strong but it was good when you caught a little whiff of it. It was piney with citrus with a little woodiness blended in. The flavor was similar and had a sweet aftertaste to it. The flavor was much stronger than the aroma, and super unique, like most of LA Kush’s flavors.

Red Box wasn’t super harsh and didn’t have a lot of downsides to it effects-wise. I felt a very deep body high and was super relaxed. I usually have a lot of pain in my back and neck, but I completely forgot about it and did not feel it at all. That is something I love about this strain because not only did I not feel it, but I forgot about it altogether which is amazing. After smoking a little bit more of this, I did start to feel the heavy effects and was zoned out and almost couch-locked.

I’d definitely recommend Red Box for those who suffer from pain or insomnia because I had an amazing night's rest after smoking this and felt no pain in my body. It was truly a hard hitter so I would recommend newer smokers take caution, but even just a little of this goes a long way. Red Box, like most LA Kush strains, is another incredible strain that I will definitely be smoking again.


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