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Super Blue Dream - Sativa Dominant Hybrid

When I first started smoking weed, my friends and I always got the same type of weed from the same person because at the time it was illegal and also, we were 14 years old. Little did I know it then, but the weed we got was always Blue Dream, meaning that strain was the start of my cannabis journey. I’ve always enjoyed the taste of Blue Dream and felt it reminded me of home. When a friend suggested I try Super Blue Dream, I obviously got excited because it can only be a step up from a weed I already love. Green Ways Delivery LA had it on the menu so I decided to go for it. They’ve always got quality choices and strains, I knew this would be worth it.

Super Blue Dream gives off one of my absolute favorite smells of all time, a fruity aroma with major hints of pineapple and berry. Some have called the smell, a sour blueberry aroma, and I’d say those people are right. Even when you first open the jar, you can smell the berry goodness fill up the room. The weed is deep green with crystals and nice sized orange hairs and happened to come in one super large nug. I thought, oh damn there will be so many stems, but alas there was not. It was all attached to one stem in the middle but that was it. I was thrilled by this and was excited to give it a try.

Super Blue Dream is a special hybrid that comes from a mix of Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream, which resulted in this powerful 80% sativa and 20% indica combination. The weed was a bit sticky when you break up the nugs but the smell got even stronger when it was broken up into smaller nugs. It was a bit tough to get the nugs separated but once it was in the grinder, it was smooth sailing from there. The nug was dense and well structured, having been trimmed super well and clearly cared for nicely.

When the smoke hits your tongue, all you can taste is blueberries for days. It’s sweet and fruity but not too fruity due to the added hint of citrus. The very first time I tried Super Blue Dream in LA, I was instantly taken back to the beach in Florida where I am from. Both the smell and taste reminded me of my younger days, driving around South Florida, smoking with the music blasting and the windows down in the car. The fact that just one hit of this strain brought me to that feeling so quickly definitely adds brownie points to the board. Between just the taste and smell so far, I was already a fan.

I cannot stress this enough, Super Blue Dream is a heavy-hitting strain. The weed is potent so be mindful of your dose or those stimulating properties will take you over. I felt a boost of energy and instant improvement in my overall mood. My mind was racing with creative thoughts for projects I’ve been working on for months, my notebook is scribbled with notes of things so I wouldn’t forget. I have not felt that creative in quite a while and I was very happy to have it back. The creativity in my mind was surprisingly not making me feel overwhelmed at all, I was clear-minded and focused on what I was doing.

Here’s a tip: I went to happy hour with some friends after smoking Super Blue Dream all day and I was super chatty and in a great mood the entire time. Just a recommendation to those with social anxiety.

Since this strain is heavy-hitting, another upside to Super Blue Dream is that the amount you get will last you a while. I usually get a few different 1/8ths at a time and this is the one that always lasts the longest. I have barely smoked it and I have felt the effects for a while now. All-day I’ve gotten work done and been super focused and on task, which for me is wonderful because I have ADHD that sometimes makes it hard for me to focus. If you also have trouble focusing or staying on task, I totally recommend that you give this strain a try.

Other side effects of this strain are said to be dry eyes or dry mouth, improving appetite, and help with stress or depression. I didn’t get hungry from this strain until later in the day, I mean I ate like a normal person during the day obviously but I didn’t feel overly hungry until hours after I’d smoked this. I usually do drink a lot of water so saying I had dry mouth is tough for me, and the same goes for eyes, as I have contacts. I can say that neither of those issues felt like a problem for me with this strain. As far as stress and depression go, I definitely felt at ease the entire day, not really worrying about things that I would normally worry about.

Super Blue Dream really exceeded my expectations with its beautiful aroma, mouth-watering flavor, and all-around perfect structure. After smoking this, I felt a nice body buzz that made me energetic, followed by a relaxing and calm comedown in the afternoon. This strain is definitely one I will come back to again because it truly did help my focus and with getting my work done, and the taste was good too. Added bonus! From it’s blueberry aroma to its uplifting effects, Super Blue Dream is definitely one of my top recommendations for sativas at the moment. It will always take me back to the days when I first started smoking, and for that, I am grateful because those are some great memories to keep coming back to me. For daytime strains, this one goes beyond and truly made me feel all-around good inside.


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