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The Best CBD Products for Skin Care

As an adult, I have always suffered from some sort of acne on my face and have tried so many different products and regiments, but none of them ever work. Recently, I was looking into some new skin products and I came across an article from Glamour Magazine about CBD beauty products. The girl who wrote this article talked about changing her entire face routine to only CBD products and how well it worked for her. I decided I wanted to give this a try and went looking for the best CBD products for adult acne.

I did tons of research into the subject and the first thing I noticed was that most of these CBD products are mad expensive, with the exception of a few. With the rise of CBD in the mainstream world, it is not too surprising that these products are expensive, but that is something to keep in mind when making purchases. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is found in the cannabis plant. While it does come from the same plant, CBD will not get you high as THC does. CBD has always been said to be good for inflammation and pain relief, but it has only recently come to light that CBD has many other properties that are good for your skin.

While many of the articles I read had only good things to say about CBD products for skin, I didn’t want to change my entire routine until I had tried some things. I decided to start with my face, the most problematic issue for me, and simple body lotion and go from there. I found a ton of products online that all had great reviews, so here are the few things I purchased to start this experiment off.

1. Herbivore Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil - $58.00 on Sephora

The one product that was on every single list I read was Herbivore Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil. This oil has been called a godsend by many users who claim that this one product changed their acne situation completely. Of course, I immediately bought this item and am hoping to see that change myself. This oil is described online as an oil with 100mg full-spectrum CBD, hemp seed oil, and adaptogens to visibly calm the look of redness and nourish skin with lasting hydration. While this oil can be a bit pricey, it seems to be the thing that’s worth the price.

2. Cannuka Calming Eye Balm - $38.00 on Cannuka’s site

The second most popular product I found online is Cannuka’s Calming Eye Balm, which is said to reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes, leaving you with soft skin. All the reviews of this product say it worked within two weeks of use and was the best eye cream these people had tried. This made me super optimistic about using this product, and so this was the second product I purchased on this journey. This product has CBD, Manuka honey, vitamin E, hemp seed oil, rosehip oil, and grapeseed oil. All these mixed together have amazing properties to replenish and protect the skin.

3. CBD For Life Pure CBD Facial Cream - $35.00 on CBD For Life’s Website

Various CBD For Life products was on various lists I looked up, but the one product from them that was super popular was the Pure CBD Facial Cream. This cream is said to hydrate your skin and fight off dullness with natural hemp extracts leaving your face with a youthful glow. All the reviews of this product said that it had helped with various skin issues, such as rosacea and eczema. This product is also fragrance-free, which is important to me as I have sensitive skin.

4. Origins Hello, Calm Relaxing & Hydrating Face Mask with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil - $28.00 on Origins Website

While I didn’t see a ton of reviews mention this, I have always been a fan of Origins masks so I decided to give this one a try as well. This mask is said to be ultra-hydrating and is infused with natural cannabis sativa seed oil that instantly calms and visibly reduces inflammation. Just lather your face with this mask and leave it on for ten minutes, then remove, and instantly feel cleaner skin. Most women said that this changed their skin within a week! If this is anything like the other Origins masks I have tried, then I know it will be excellent.

5. Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion- $60.00 on Lord Jones Website

The final product I purchased for this experiment is the Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Lotion. Just like the Emerald CBD Oil, this lotion was on almost every list I looked at for CBD products. It has incredible reviews of helping people with all sorts of skin problems and changing their lives. On their website, this is described as a soothing, rich, luxurious lotion designed to be penetrating and readily absorbed. It can be purchased with their signature fragrance, or fragrance-free, which is what I went for. Either way, it will create a cooling sensation upon contact, until absorbing into your skin and leaving you moisturized as hell.

While there are obviously many more products with CBD available, I decided to start with these four and go from there. Here are some other products that were highly recommended for skin:

  • High Five Cannabis Facial Moisturizer - $40.00 on Sephora

  • Myaderm CBD Blemish Control- $24.95 on their website

  • Khus + Khus Copious Body Serum - $48.00-$85.00 depending on the size on their website

  • Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum - $125.00 on Sephora

All my products have arrived this week and I am starting to use them, so I will write a follow up to this article in a few weeks to let you know how it’s going! With all the research I’ve done, I’m hoping that these CBD products will help my face and body not only look better but feel better as well. If you’ve tried any CBD products, let us know what you think in the comments!

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