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The Gossip - Lowell Farms & Fire Flower Farms - Hybrid

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

One of the most well-known cannabis brands in California, Lowell Farms continuously puts out incredible strains that keep their loyal customers coming back for more. For this strain, Lowell paired up with a woman-owned brand called Fire Flower Farms to create The Gossip. The Gossip was released exclusively on March 8th for Women’s International day at an invitation-only event in Hollywood, California, where the women who attended got to be the first to try it out.

The two companies wanted to highlight how important women are in the cannabis industry from budtenders to activists, and so much more. A portion of the sales from this strain are donated to The Women’s Foundation of California, who are dedicated to achieving racial, economic, and gender justice.

When I heard of this, I immediately tried to find it in a local dispensary but had no luck. I always kept an eye out but until recently when I found it at California Caregivers Alliance in Silverlake! Shout out to this dispensary who are always super helpful when I’m trying new stuff and always have amazing new things in stock. Check them out here!

The Gossip is a hybrid strain coming in at around 27-29% THC and is a cross between Green Crack and Cookie Kush. The strain is great for daytime smoking but also leaves you with a calm feeling in your head and body so truly you can smoke this anytime. This strain definitely gives you energy and will lift you up into a very clear-headed and focused mindset.

The bud itself was very appealing to look at and smelled lovely. It was a bit sticky but once you got it broken up, it was fine. I’d also say that mine had a lot of stems but it still came out to be a lot of weed when it was broken up. It was dark green with orange hairs and dense at first. It looked like it was beautifully grown and would definitely become a new favorite of mine.

All in all, The Gossip was definitely worth the wait and truly lived up to the hype that it has gotten. This hybrid strain from Lowell Farms and Fire Flower Farms smells like a sweet garden and has diesel yet earthy flavors with a hint of pine that brings you to a happy place. It will have you feeling calm yet creative and energized enough to do whatever creative work or regular work if you must, you feel like doing! I will definitely be getting this again and keeping it around for the future! If you find The Gossip in your dispensary, I’d say give it a go!


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