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The Top Ten Marijuana Strains for Migraines

Cannabis is one of the few things that can be used to help relieve the symptoms of a migraine, but you have to make sure you are choosing the right strain. Here are the top ten strains to battle migraines.

Blue Dream – Hybrid​​

This perfect 50/50 hybrid offers super strong and non-sedative effects that help with both migraines and related nausea that sometimes comes with them. With THC levels of 17-24%, Blue Dream is fast-acting and will soothe the user’s body and uplift their mind. This strain has psychoactive effects, but it will not get them tired or couch-locked, instead, it will allow them to socialize or do work if they feel up to it.

Sour Diesel – Sativa

The widely popular strain Sour Diesel is known for its remarkable pain-relieving powers, making it perfect for migraines. Sour Diesel comes from a mixture of the indica strain Super Skunk and the sativa strain Chemdog 91. This strain will distract the user’s mind and keep them at ease. By doing so, Sour Diesel helps keep migraine patients at peace while still giving them the energy to continue their day.

Green Crack – Sativa

Don’t let the name fool you, Green Crack is a sativa strain with uplifting and energetic qualities. The simple reason this strain is good for migraines is that it’s fast-acting and hard-hitting. The effects of this strain will immediately have the user clear-headed and conscience. These aspects of Green Crack will allow them to forget about their migraine and get their work done. This strain is best used when the user feels the migraine coming on but still need to work.

White Widow – Hybrid

The unusual mix that is White Widow is extremely popular for medical patients suffering from migraines. This is because this strain has medicinal properties that are beneficial specifically for migraine suffers. It will relax the user’s body and ease their muscle tension, and it will inspire creativity and uplift their mind. White Widow has a pain-relieving punch that hits the user immediately. This strain will both enhance their mood and allow their body to relax.


OG Kush – Hybrid

An extremely popular and readily available strain, OG Kush is a reliable pain relief option for migraine sufferers. The high THC levels give immediate relief but the CBD is what will help reduce the pain long term. Patients have reported that OG Kush helps take the edge off no matter how bad the migraine is. This strain helps migraine patients by relieving their pain and boosting their happiness. This is best used before the migraine hits but is still helpful even if the user doesn’t catch it in time.

Harlequin – Sativa

Harlequin is a sativa dominant hybrid that has very high levels of CBD. This aspect of the strain should put the user in an easygoing mood and reduce pain without getting them too high. This strain is best used when the user feels the migraine coming on, as it will help them relax without the sedating effects. This strain is said to clear the user’s mind and improve their alertness, allowing them to get through the day without a horrible migraine, but also without them becoming too high.

Purple Kush – Indica

One of the best ways to cure a migraine is to sleep it off. Purple Kush will help the user do exactly that. It induces a numbing sensation that is bound to couch-lock the user until they pass out. The THC in this strain will soothe the intensity of the migraine and allow the user to fall asleep with ease. As it is an indica, this strain is best used before bed, but if the user has the time to relax and sleep off their migraine, then this is the strain I’d reach for. It will allow the user to sleep and stay asleep as long as needed.

ACDC – Hybrid

I know what you’re thinking and no I’m not talking about the band, ACDC is also the name of a sativa dominant hybrid strain. This strain has high CBD levels that can reach up to 19%. It is known for reducing inflammation, meaning that it will help with the symptoms of a migraine. ACDC has a low THC level, so the user won’t get too high, but still provides a calm and happy feeling. The calming effects make this strain a perfect migraine reliever, as it helps with chronic pain. ACDC is also good for fighting anxiety and depression, which sometimes comes with migraines.

AK-47 – Hybrid

AK-47 is a hybrid strain that won’t just remove the user’s migraine pain, but it will also give them a euphoric psychedelic feeling. This strain’s fast-acting effects will help the user’s body cope with the pain of a migraine while also relaxing their muscles. AK-47 is also known for helping with appetite loss, so if a migraine is keeping the user from eating, this strain will definitely help them by giving them the munchies. This should allow the user to regain their strength and feel less pain.

Remedy – Indica

This strain got its name for a reason: It truly is a remedy for patients with pain. Remedy is best known for putting its users in a mellow and relaxing mood without feeling too head high. That is because this strain has CBD levels of around 15% and contains very little THC. This aspect of this strain is super helpful for combating chronic pain. Because it is rich in CBD, Remedy helps with inflammation and anxiety, which is sometimes a huge part of having a migraine. This strain is best used before the migraines hits so it can fight off the symptoms before they get too bad. This strain is one that will instantly relieve the user’s migraine without putting them down for the count.

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