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The Weed Diaries Part 2 - Discovering Strains 

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

The first dispensary I visited was in Koreatown near my house at the time. I remember feeling extremely overwhelmed but still excited to finally see the inside of a real dispensary. I had no idea where to even begin. Thankfully, the budtender at the time knew the confused look on my face and talked me through an entire rundown of the types, her favorite strains, and the different ways to consume cannabis. After talking to her for a bit, I started to feel more comfortable and ready to explore. I got a few different strains to try out and the woman that had helped me told me to come back and find her after I tried those to pick my next strains. I think that because I was able to talk to another woman who was in the cannabis industry, I felt at ease and excited to start this journey.

For the first round, I was given the strains XJ13, Blue Dream, and Chem Dawg, which are all very popular strains in LA. After smoking a bit of the Blue Dream, I realized that this was the strain we always got in Florida and immediately reminded me of home. That feeling made me relaxed and safe. I remember the first time I smoked in my new apartment in Los Angeles. I had no furniture other than my bed, but I sat and enjoyed the high. I also sat on my balcony for a bit and just let the idea that I lived in LA sink in. It was truly the first time I felt content since I had moved here.

My second visit to the dispensary felt easier. I knew the procedures and found my girl right away. She was thrilled to see me and began to ask me a bunch of questions about the strains I had tried. We talked about what I liked about the strains and what I didn’t, ranging from flavor to the feeling it gave me. She suggested new strains for me to try and even gave me some samples she thought I’d enjoy. Finding this dispensary and a person who understood what I was going through and was also excited about my journey made me feel confident and exhilarated about my future with cannabis.

I had always known cannabis had healing properties but had never done the actual research into what exactly it did. After trying a few different strains, I was ready to do the research. I tried to find which strains would help with my anxiety and depression, and also which strains would be good for my ADHD and insomnia. Learning all these new aspects of cannabis allowed me to feel confident with my journey and knowing which strains to try and which to stay away from. After a few visits to the dispensary, I started knowing what I wanted and was able to pick what I wanted on my own. As time went by, I tried new dispensaries and new brands of cannabis that I had never heard of. I’d always been a weed smoker and advocate, but once I moved to Los Angeles, the adventure truly began.

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