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Vibration Saturday Special - Phases - Sativa 

I recently visited the new dispensary in West Hollywood named Calma, and my friend that works there, Koi, recommended this company that I had never heard of called Phases. Phases has different types of weed based on moods and what kind of high you are looking for. I decided to try Vibration, which is a sativa strain, but the other options are High Frequency, Retrograde, Reverie, and Dreamcatcher. The strain was called Saturday Special and has around 20% THC with some CBD in there as well. The packaging was very bright and fun to look at and the box gave a bunch of information on the strain itself.

The aroma was super strong from the moment I opened the jar until the end of the day. As I started to break up the bud, the smell got stronger and clearer as to what it was. It was piney and earthy, with a dash of herbal and spicy notes to it. It almost smelled like I was walking through a fresh forest or field but not quite floral, just fresh. I really enjoyed it and from the second I smelled it and loved how it made my apartment smell.

The bud was dense but broke up into smaller nugs easily, however it was a bit sticky. Once it got into the grinder, it was easier to break up. The nugs were big and beautiful to look at. They were a darkish green with bright orange hairs and purple notes on it. Even after grinding it up, it looked beautiful which isn’t always the case. It was super easy to pack into my bowl and roll a joint with. It smoked really nicely out of both of those options and the smell stayed strong and present with both.

Vibration was a super flavorful strain that packed a punch when you hit it. I did cough a bit, but full disclosure, I have been smoking so much during quarantine that it’s not surprising my throats a little dry. The flavor was similar to the smell, with earthy and woody tones to it, but had a hint of diesel to it, with an herbal aftertaste. The piney and woody aspects of it were very strong and prominent and made for a lovely flavor that I truly adored.

​I immediately felt the effects of this strain after just one or two hits. It gave me an uplifted feeling and instantly gave me an energy boost that I definitely needed. I went right into work mode but it wasn’t just a focused feeling, I also felt super creative and inspired. I have ADHD which sometimes makes it hard for me to be both focused and creative at the same time, but with this strain, I had no trouble balancing the two and feeling good about what I was doing. I would say that if you are a newer smoker, you should be careful with this because it does hit quickly. I felt it in my eyes and head but not in an overpowering way, it was more of an awake and clear-minded feeling.

I’d say this strain would be helpful for those with ADHD as I said, but also for those with depression, pain, fatigue, and stress. Sometimes I have back pain due to the fact that I sit over my computer all day, but I truly didn’t feel that at all after smoking this because I was focused on other things. This weed gave me a stimulating and productive high while still allowing me to be creative and get work done as needed. I would definitely recommend this to others and say that if you are looking to feel motivated and excited about what you are doing, this is the strain for you. It allowed me to have an extremely productive day while also feeling very euphoric.


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