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White Zombie - Hybrid

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

White Zombie is rumored to be either a descendant of Zombie OG, or possibly created by a Rob Zombie fan, but either way this hybrid will have you uplifted and focused on whatever task you need to do that day. White Zombie is a potent hybrid strain and is one I had heard of before and never tried. I ordered this with a batch of other strains from Hollywood Hitters delivery in Los Angeles, and an extra gram was added to each of these because I was a first-time patient. They were super friendly and helped me with choices, and the wait time was extremely short as well! Overall, I had a wonderful experience with them and enjoyed all the strains they recommended me. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check out Hollywood Hitters on Western and Hollywood Ave.

White Zombie’s THC levels can get up to 20% but usually clock in at about 15% which is pretty good, but not amazing. This strain is forest green with fiery orange hairs and was coated in tons of crystals and sticky resin. It was pretty and fluffy and super easy to break up. It looked nice and seemed to be cared for well, but it wasn’t anything impressive, to be honest. Before I even broke up the weed, the smell was strong and had a sweet herbal aroma to it. As I broke it up, it got stronger and stronger and I was definitely fine with it.

Once I smoked the White Zombie, I was a bit disappointed because the smell had been so good and strong but the flavor did not match up. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad flavor, it just wasn’t anything special to me. It had a sweet but skunky taste to it and was not harsh at all. I just personally wasn’t impressed by the flavor.

White Zombie is said to help with stress, pain, depression, insomnia, and fatigue, and make you feel happy, euphoric, energetic, focused, and hungry. From all these effects, I truly felt happy, focused, and energetic to begin with. I was ready to work and felt excited to do all the projects that I had put off for a while. This strain made me joyous and extremely creative and gave me that extra push to get stuff done. I would say it makes you cerebrally focused and helps with creative projects as well.

After a bit of time, I did get hungry and have some snacks but it wasn’t an overwhelming feeling of hunger which I prefer. I will say that some of the effects didn’t hit me right away which I was not happy about, but once it did hit me, the weed was great. It is definitely a stress reliever and a good remedy for anxiety or depression. I suffer from both of those and felt completely calm all day which almost never happens. I was able to cook and do some writing while still feeling overall at ease.

I could definitely feel it in my head after a while, and my eyes got a bit blurry. The downsides of White Zombie are said to be dry mouth and dry eyes. I didn’t feel cotton-mouthed, but I did have dry eyes for sure. Also, if you aren’t a fan of the munchies, I would steer clear of this strain.

I spent the day focused and doing work, and feeling extremely creative and happy. After a while, I did feel this strain slowly give me a body high and start to calm me down. It is definitely closer to a sativa but does give you a sedated feeling later in the evening. The smell of this strain stayed consistently strong throughout the day, and the effects stayed with it. I did not feel a lull at any point in the day because the lazy effects come at a more gradual pace.

When those effects started to kick in, I felt hazy and euphoric. I went from a super energetic creative feeling to a calm and stress-free feeling without even noticing it. I do truly enjoy that about hybrids, even though as I said this is closer to a sativa. White Zombie was not my favorite strain of all time, but the effects were worth it. I do wish the flavor had been a bit stronger, similar to the aroma, but all in all, I did enjoy this strain. I would definitely recommend this strain for those who have depression or have trouble keeping your energy up all day, as it did most certainly help with that for me.


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