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Do-Si-Dos - Indica Dominant Hybrid

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Bread from a mix of the infamous and all around loved Girl Scout Cookies and the heavy hitter strain Face-Off OG comes this beautiful hybrid strain called Do-Si-Dos. This indica dominant hybrid is said to work wonders for people who have insomnia and seeing as I suffer from that, I decided to give this one a try. I went with a different delivery service that was recommended to me called Kushfly LA. I quickly found out that they happen to be super popular in Los Angeles. They offer a wide variety of strains to select from and were quick to respond to all my questions about the various strains they offer. They also have a great feature where they send you a tracking link to see exactly where your driver is and honestly, I think every delivery service should have that. The weed arrived quickly and was packaged discreetly for those who prefer that.

This particular strain came from Knbis LA, a popular weed brand in Los Angeles, and one that I’ve had other strains of before and always enjoyed. This specific strain of weed I got from them was no different. The smell was prominent in the room as soon as I opened the jar it was sealed in and stayed in the apartment for a while after. The weed came in big beautiful nugs and broke up without much effort at all. It also ground up into a nice pile of weed to smoke out of a bong or fill up a joint. I will say that for the amount I had purchased, this strain broke up into a lot of weed, more than I expected and I say that is a bonus.

I was excited to finally get to smoke the Do-Si-Dos, and thankfully, it did not disappoint me at all. The smoke actually felt nice as it went into my lungs and had the most wonderful sweet and earthy taste to it. The smell of the smoke was much stronger than the smell of the weed when it was ground up. I truthfully loved the taste of this strain, it was super sweet and tasty, leaving you with a candy-like aftertaste in your mouth. The taste also has minty undertones and that is part of what makes it taste so good. The flavor of this strain is addicting and kept me wanting to go back for more.

When actually smoking this strain, it was very smooth and did not feel like a forceful smoke. It also was not harsh. I didn’t cough at all, and I liked the fact that I could take big long hits without dying afterward. I did not have to smoke a lot of this strain to stay high either. I smoked one bowl and felt it for hours after without smoking again. The smell stayed present throughout my apartment and I did not mind it at all. It was so sweet yet it had a touch of earthiness to it, blending together into an incredible aroma.

The effects of this strain hit me right away and I mean right away. I instantly felt relaxed and at ease, as well as happy and a bit sleepy. Some of the other effects are said to be relieving stress, pain, depression, and muscle spasms and making you feel euphoric and calm. I did feel these effects as well and can say that I was truly in a wonderful state of mind throughout the evening. I also sometimes suffer from back pain, and after smoking this strain, I almost forgot that was a problem for me. If you have pain issues, definitely give this a try to help relieve all those problems. The downsides of this strain are said to be dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, and anxiety. However, I personally didn’t feel any of those effects probably because I was zoned out in my own little world. This particular make of Do-Si-Dos had THC levels of 20%, but it is said that they can get up to about 30% for this strain. That is a super high THC level. This strain kept me in a great headspace throughout the entire night. I will certainly be coming back to this strain again.

I was immediately high and I knew it because I could feel it from my head down to toes. I had to watch the same TV show twice because I was too zoned-out to pay attention to. I felt at peace, very calm and euphoric, pretty much in my own world. It was definitely a cerebral high feeling that was followed by a full-body buzz that I truly loved. If you are not a fan of that body high feeling, then be careful with this strain. For me, it felt amazing but for some, it can be a bit much. I definitely recommend this for night time use only, as it will knock you on your ass without you even realizing it. It hits you hard and fast and leaves you in a hazy state of mind. With such a high THC level, what else would you expect from Do-Si-Dos. It is one to be cautious with and probably one to stay at home while smoking. I honestly didn’t want to leave my house let alone drive somewhere so maybe stay home after puffing on this strain.

In my opinion, this is a top strain across all the categories on the board. While it isn’t my absolute favorite of all time, I do truly enjoy the scent and taste of Do-Si-Dos and can say the effects of it are truly magical. I would recommend this to friends, but would definitely warn them of the strong effects. Do-Si-Dos doesn’t only look great, but it absolutely makes you feel great. When you’re looking for something to help ease you into a nice sleepy state, reach for Do-Si-Dos and experience this euphoria for yourself.


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